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WinMPG Video Convert

WinMPG Video Convert

Description | Screenshot | Comments (123) | Download

View screenshot of WinMPG Video Convert

Review team at Aug, 3 2003 wrote:

dpjlegendary at Jan, 11 2010 wrote:

Best iPod tools on disount!Check all iPod software on holiday deal. All DVD tools: ripper, burner, Blu-ray...All DVD software on sale: DVD ripper, DVD burner, Blu-ray tools...
pamela at Mar, 3 2006 wrote:

i kindly request you to email us the coding to convert movie to avi format,we are desperate to get it as soon as possible,mail id is
danielson at Dec, 12 2005 wrote:

can sum1 plz email me the registration code im desperate 4 it coz all my file hav stupid writing "this is not a registered version....." in the middle of all my vids and i cant get it off sum1 plz email me da code at
ift_1977 at Mar, 13 2005 wrote:

me required mpeg to mp4 convert software

Vote: 8
FrostWolf at Sep, 3 2004 wrote:

This program is great and its a very helpful tool at my work tough ive got one big problem.. When i try to convert MPEG1 files to AVI i get an error message saying " Floating point division by zero " Does anyone know what it means and if there is something to be done about this ?

Vote: 9
Steamer at Aug, 30 2004 wrote:

This program worke fine converting the avi's off my canon G3 to mpg.

Vote: 10
rnshicks at Jul, 30 2004 wrote:

It converted my MOV to an AVI but there is a stupid message in the middle. Don't want to pay $30 just to do one file!

Vote: 3
nez at Jul, 22 2004 wrote:

where do i get the answer to these queries? i too want to convert avi, mpg formats to mp4 or 3gp for my SE- P900!!

Vote: 8
testers at Jul, 11 2004 wrote:


Vote: 5
sabrinarisa at Jul, 5 2004 wrote:

Downloaded the trial to convert .mov to .avi and it worked for me, too bad there was this big

Vote: 10
gator at Jun, 24 2004 wrote:

horrible get green bars in movie and then it stops before the end and goes back to beginning and if you want support forget it, emailed 3 times and got no response

Vote: 1
Meee at Jun, 23 2004 wrote:

YESSS - to all, it does the trick - i can't stand having to download quicktime only to play the MOV movies i record with my camera with 640x480 quality and not be able to play it in full screen and WMP9 will not play MOV's

Vote: 10
peterpan at May, 15 2004 wrote:

I got this because I wanted to convert MOV files to somethiong else, as I refuse to put QUCKTIME on my system. Guess what it told me when I installed it... to get QUICKTIME. Thank God for try before buying! Save your money!

Vote: 1
stangracing at May, 4 2004 wrote:

so i got winmpg video converter 5.4 but i cant find a patch for it i find 1.6 patch and 2.5 patch but cant find a place to donload thoses versions

Vote: 10
bigtez at Apr, 9 2004 wrote:

trial version no good use radtools its free and it converts all mov files, and its quick

Vote: 10
mkia at Apr, 5 2004 wrote:

So far, trial version makes 2-3 minute AVI's from the first frame of an MOV file with their logo on it. Not impressed enough to pay money for it.

Vote: 1
badIo at Apr, 4 2004 wrote:

nothing works, pass your way!

Vote: 1
khryz at Mar, 20 2004 wrote:

Can I convert a .MOV file to a .MPEG file using the Trial Version? If not, is there any other free program I can get to do it? This is all I need to do, and don't want to buy something. Thanks!

Vote: 10
Tommaso at Mar, 17 2004 wrote:

It took 3 hours to convert a ten minute DIVX clip to DVD and it crshed on the last 92%. TMPGEnc Plus and TMPGEnc DVD Author are much more reliable and utilize a fast system to it's fullest. Don't bother with anything else - i've tried them all. Trust me, you won't be disapointed with those two I mentioned.

Vote: 3
cdavies at Mar, 12 2004 wrote:

Wanted to convert .mov files to .avi tried a few other programs first, none of them worked!, downloaded this program, looks good and did what i required... bloody good!

Vote: 10
Annorax at Mar, 8 2004 wrote:

DivX AVI to DVD crashes every time right from the start. Meh! I paid $30 for this!?

Vote: 1
frogtumor at Mar, 8 2004 wrote:

converted a PNG/Qdesign Music 2 MOV to AVI and a raw-format AVI into MPEG-1 & MPEG-2 successfully. However, I object to the obnoxious user interface, and the mpeg compression settings leave MUCH to be desired. If you really want to do MPEG work, get TMPGEnc. Otherwise useful for juggling AVI and MOVs around. [tested under win2k with quicktime 6]

Vote: 5
harshesh at Mar, 3 2004 wrote:

does this convert mov files to mpeg files directly?

Vote: 10
Ghistos at Feb, 19 2004 wrote:

Didn't work for me. Tried to convert mov to avi, always get a flag error.

Vote: 1
aaronagarcia at Feb, 17 2004 wrote:

how can i convert a mpg. to mpeg2-svcd to play on a cd-r on my apex dvd player.What program should i use!!!!

Vote: 10
abcyyz at Feb, 13 2004 wrote:

Can anybody tell me how I can convert multiple WMV files to MPEG for VCD burning. I haven't found anything!!!! if you can help!

Vote: 2
mikeuk at Feb, 13 2004 wrote:

Easy Peasy...Works Great!

Vote: 9
ibras at Feb, 10 2004 wrote:

I only tried mov to avi convertion. It is working great.

Vote: 10
freeuser at Feb, 9 2004 wrote:

I only tried mov to avi convertion. It did not work.

Vote: 1
coolaidekid at Feb, 5 2004 wrote:

Umm, first off, I am looking for a converter to cvt AVI to MOV and AVI to MPG. This thing does not convert anything to MOV. Secondly, this looked like a great tool till I tried to use it. BLAMMO!! Illegal instruction errors.... No matter how pretty it is, if it don't work it is no use to anyone. I give it a two for just being pretty.

Vote: 2
swiller at Feb, 3 2004 wrote:

greate tools with so many functions

Vote: 10
trp at Feb, 2 2004 wrote:

Crashes after 37% transfer from avi to mpeg every time. Don't loose your time on this one.

Vote: 1
bli at Jan, 31 2004 wrote:

it works properly only while converting from mov to avi. if you want to convert other formats it doesn't work!!

Vote: 5
peppegp at Jan, 30 2004 wrote:

bought 10 days ago,still unable to register. I want my money back!!!!!!!!!!

Vote: 1
sourpuss at Jan, 28 2004 wrote:

crashed while trying to convert avi to mpeg. tried about 5 different avi files lots of times. i hate avi's. one day i'll find something to convert them. but i don't think this is it.

Vote: 2
we5cabnd at Jan, 24 2004 wrote:

Unfortunately it did not work for me. I have a kodak camera that produces mov output and attempted to convert to avi.....did not xp fatal error.

Vote: 1
matteetrt at Jan, 18 2004 wrote:

did not work. not impressed

Vote: 1
buggy at Jan, 13 2004 wrote:

seems to work okay converting quicktime mov to avi

Vote: 10
dprice at Jan, 13 2004 wrote:

Interesting. mlouis has pasted his exact same review into another product called VideoEdit Converter Pro as mpaul. Sounds like either he's inept, or just trying to trash software competing with his own
deatheagle at Jan, 10 2004 wrote:

this is no good

Vote: 1
tried at Jan, 8 2004 wrote:

didn't work for me at as far as converting .mov files to .avi files. there is no picture only sound after the conversion...

Vote: 1
tw103a at Jan, 6 2004 wrote:

Havn't tried it just yet but... I've been looking for a long while for software that can convert QT movie files to Media player format. Hope it works!!!. Any chance that it can convert real player rmj?. Far too many formats around if you ask me!. Thanks, i'll give it a go.
3719 at Jan, 5 2004 wrote:

Bonjour ,j'ai enregistr votre logiciel WinMPG Video Convert Pouvez vous me rpondre en Franais la marche suivre pour payer et povoir l'utiliser.Adresse Merci G LECOMTE

Vote: 10
lindyloo at Jan, 5 2004 wrote:

How do you convert Quicktime movies from a Kodak camera to a file that I can play in my DVD player, eg, VCD, or SVCD, ???? I have no idea.

Vote: 10
CJVJ at Jan, 4 2004 wrote:


Vote: 10
Zmaster at Dec, 31 2003 wrote:

Not too bad, doesnt like adv. divx files.

Vote: 10
juditharc at Dec, 31 2003 wrote:

Hello: What we need is to convert animation files we have created using Ulead Gif Animator into a format that we can burn onto a DVD to be played on any common DVD player. We have a new DVD burner loaded with PowerDVD XP v.4.0. Please help! Also, what's an IFO file? Thank you!
scopcop at Dec, 28 2003 wrote:

its gr8 man i get 2 c every kind of movie restricitions yes mannnnnn

Vote: 10
halilg at Dec, 20 2003 wrote:

How to convert wmv file to VCD format Please help me.

Vote: 10
G1NGERone at Dec, 13 2003 wrote:

I'm been searching high and low for a programme that will convert quicktime mov files into anything more user friendly. Initially pleased with this programme but now it seems to be selectively working with only some files. Any help?

Vote: 6
dwigdor at Nov, 21 2003 wrote:

works fine, make sure you have the right CODECs installed. Too bad it doesn't do DiVx, or else I'd buy it.

Vote: 7
alexis at Nov, 21 2003 wrote:

worked fine to convert from .mov to .avi

Vote: 9
kgabzen at Nov, 20 2003 wrote:

i love you

Vote: 10
diabl0451 at Nov, 19 2003 wrote:

Didn't support certain codecs from a well known company.

Vote: 4
steffenw at Nov, 17 2003 wrote:

I had a 41min mpg file which I wanted in DivX. It worked pretty fast - no wonder! I only got a 9min file with sound only! Crappy software, and then they want money?!?

Vote: 2
Ik1ll at Nov, 16 2003 wrote:

what plugin do i need for nero6 to recognise quicktime movie so i can burn to cd

Vote: 10
stayer4u at Nov, 16 2003 wrote:

nero wont recognise quicktime from my kodak camera why

Vote: 10
Donkl at Nov, 11 2003 wrote:

STAY AWAY. Won't work on long-form movies. Emails to their

Vote: 1
steven_cyndie at Nov, 7 2003 wrote:


Vote: 10
Oasis79 at Nov, 2 2003 wrote:


Vote: 10
aag0828 at Oct, 30 2003 wrote:

WINMPGVIDEOCONVERT caused an invalid page fault in module ALL2MPEGDLL.DLL at 0167:01281c96.
ghanshyamsheth at Oct, 29 2003 wrote:

it is really a very good software

Vote: 10
mehdi990 at Oct, 28 2003 wrote:

That so heavy for downloads . I ask the Tech Team to Create another Heavy program for Downloads

Vote: 5
dracee at Oct, 22 2003 wrote:

n'a pas converti MOV en MPEG... comt fre, qqun peut m'aider ( merci si vs pouvez m'aider

Vote: 10
anorexorcist at Oct, 18 2003 wrote:

works fine for me

Vote: 9
dudeweak at Oct, 15 2003 wrote:

this doesn't convert .mov quicktimes....does anyone know of any that do?

Vote: 10
g__greg at Oct, 10 2003 wrote:

It did not convert the first half of the vidio it was all black

Vote: 2
indico at Oct, 8 2003 wrote:

I paid $30 to get the no dll message. Have not been able to get it to run yet. No reply from support. I want my money back!

Vote: 1
oowriter at Oct, 4 2003 wrote:

I used it to shine the cat. Yes

Vote: 10
funeselmemorioso at Oct, 1 2003 wrote:

Hola, si alguien me puede facilitar alguna version trial del winmpg, pues siempre me pide un .dll que no se donde buscarlo. Gracias

Vote: 10
funeselmemorioso at Sep, 30 2003 wrote:

I cant open this program, because it i asking me a .dll, that i even don't known where it is

Vote: 10
winter at Sep, 27 2003 wrote:

conversion got to 100% then froze. Tried it a few times

Vote: 1
kballen1 at Sep, 25 2003 wrote:

No workie for me. Tried to convert .wmv file to .avi. Received

Vote: 1
dfschneck at Sep, 16 2003 wrote:

Not impressed. Interface is too simplistic (convert from

Vote: 3
kamyme at Sep, 13 2003 wrote:


Vote: 10
Confounded at Sep, 7 2003 wrote:

Crashes on XP - paid 30.00 for nothing- no response from tech support.

Vote: 1
peyor at Sep, 2 2003 wrote:

converts sometimes...

Vote: 1
ilduca1960 at Sep, 1 2003 wrote:

Verified the conversion from MOV to AVI; it works well.

Vote: 8
Aries at Aug, 29 2003 wrote:

The Old Version Was Cool This Version Has a Large Message"This Is Not A Registered Version" Not Cool , There Is No Way To Register......????

Vote: 1
Aries at Aug, 29 2003 wrote:

This Software Is Perfect If Your Looking to Convert gif to avi.......

Vote: 10
h_ema2001 at Aug, 26 2003 wrote:

it's shareware no use to download this shit ,can sb mail me it's register code at
2pac at Aug, 17 2003 wrote:


Vote: 10
reno at Aug, 14 2003 wrote:

hi i have a avi file and i want converter to mpeg 1 or somthing that can play in my home dvd player

Vote: 10
redek at Aug, 11 2003 wrote:

be serious now chunkylover53... even if you converted mpg1 to avi and back to mpg2, no matter what the resoluton the prog expects it to be a much higher quality than mpeg1. thats why mpeg-2 (svcd) usually takes more cds to burn than mpeg1. thats why it was more space. besides if you think that divx is to power hungry, its time for you to get a better system.divx ran fine converting and playing fine on my old system which was a celeron 333 with 64 megs of sdram.wise up chunkylover53
ChunkyLover53 at Aug, 11 2003 wrote:

This gets even better: 1. Conversion #1 from 120mb MPG1 to 11mb AVI 2. Conversion from 11mb AVI creates 418mb MPG2 file !?

Vote: 1
ChunkyLover53 at Aug, 11 2003 wrote:

I have sony camcorder with USB. Downloaded files are either AVI or MPG1 (but rather huge in size). I wanted to convert MPG1 file to the MPG2 to eventually reduce file size (DivX is too power hungry). I had to specify codecs to READ file(!?). Conversion worked but produced 16 color file (thanks a lot).

Vote: 1
nafees at Aug, 9 2003 wrote:

dear sir i want its regiester code but i have no more money can u plz send me its code

Vote: 10
dom at Aug, 6 2003 wrote:

is there any way to get part of a dvd to convert to either mp4 or 3gp

Vote: 10
gary at Aug, 2 2003 wrote:

can this software convert mpg,avi to mp4 ......want to convert to my sonyericsson p800

Vote: 10
sontosh at Jul, 30 2003 wrote:

very nice

Vote: 10
Dahemper at Jul, 29 2003 wrote:

For converting most files (xept asf wmv) use VIRTUALDUB, for other files use ASFTOOLS or WINMPG, to find progs use GOOGLE.COM

Vote: 7
huh at Jul, 29 2003 wrote:

Works good, but the problem i had was after converting my .wmv file to .avi, i could not then convert it to .mpg, it just kept crashing.

Vote: 8
bril7 at Jul, 26 2003 wrote:

Any other settings than PAL?

Vote: 10
Alex at Jul, 22 2003 wrote:

It works under Windows XP. Converting video clip from Mpeg to DivX takes only a few minutes (P3-800, 256Mb RAM). I haven't tested all possible modes.

Vote: 10
tobydo at Jul, 19 2003 wrote:

works great I plan to purchase it

Vote: 10
Zero26 at Jul, 17 2003 wrote:

Worked perfectly for me... Converted my camera's .avi files to .mpg1 files. looks cool too!!!

Vote: 10
Abnix at Jul, 6 2003 wrote:

Pretty lame, relying too heavily on quicktime junk to convert .MOV files. My QT plays files just fine, and my Irfanview plays MOV's just fine, but this thing says that my quicktime libraries are up-to-date, and yet won't let me do any converting because I don't have 'any' quicktime libraries.

Vote: 1
jcmagic at Jun, 30 2003 wrote:

TMPGEnc works great for converting AVI or DIVX movies to vcd (mpeg1) or svcd (mpeg2)

Vote: 10
whitecloaks at Jun, 30 2003 wrote:

I wanna convert avi into Mpeg with I'm able to do with TMPGEnc but without any sound...does someone knows a programm which is able to convert avi into Mpeg WITH sound??

Vote: 10
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DVD to VCD AVI DivX Converter is a DVD ripping, clipping, backup tool. It can convert DVD to VCD (MPEG-1), SVCD (MPEG-2), or AVI/DivX.

Converts AVI MPEG and other video files to AVI WMV DivX ASF iPod PSP DVD VOB MP4 3GP H263 MOV VCD MP3 WAV; Can extract audio from video files, Can also remove audio from the video files. All codec are built-in.

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Windows Media Codecs Windows Media Codecs
This utility installs the following Windows Media Codecs: WM Video versions 7 and 8, WM Audio (all versions), WM Screen version 7, and other legacy codecs.

Download WinMPG Video Convert Now Download WinMPG Video Convert

Released: Jun, 5 2014
License: Shareware, $30.00
Expires: Expires after no Days

File size: 19,364 K
Platforms: Windows 7/Vista/XP/ME/2000/98
Downloads: 257227

WinMPG Video Convert is a best video converter. Convert between AVI, Mpeg, Mpeg1, Mpeg2, Mpeg4, VCD, SVCD, DVD, RMVB, RM, DivX, ASF and QuickTime MOV.


WinMPG Video Convert page at FreewareSeek

Developer: bookaa

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