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Description | Screenshot | Comments (0) | Download

View screenshot of WashAndGoThe latest version of WashAndGo, the PC scrubbing brush software, enables users to simply and easily clean their PC hard disk, freeing disk space and speeding access to important data.
WashAndGo removes garbage files that fill up the hard disk and do nothing except slow down the PC. Garbage files that can be removed by WashAndGo include temporary files not removed when programs are closed, old file safety copies which are created automatically by some programs, 0 byte files with no real content, wrong and confusing Windows Registry entries, duplicate DLL libraries, superfluous and outdated service pack files, wrong Uninstall entries and Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox browser caches. Together, these unnecessary files can cause a computer to run slower than usual, and take up disk space.
WashAndGo tells its users how much disk space has been freed, so the benefits of running the program can be seen immediately. A single mouse click starts WashAndGo examining the hard disk. Users then review a list of detected garbage files and authorise WashAndGo to remove them. Users who prefer to be on the safe side can switch on the security option of WashAndGo to enable the recovery, if required, of all removed files for up to 14 days after the clean up.
The program is fast, secure, and reliable. Let WashAndGo reclaim your wasted disk space!

Download WashAndGo Now Download WashAndGo

Buy WashAndGo Buy WashAndGo Now

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Software tool to monitor hard drive and logical disk activity. A small indicator will blink on the screen the same way as a hardware LED on a PC. Good replacement for the hardware HDD LED when your PC case is not directly visible.

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CodeMiner CVS Manager is a web-based monitoring, reporting and administration tool for your CVS (Concurrent Versioning System) repository.

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Download WashAndGo Now Download WashAndGo

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Version: 2015d
Released: Feb, 19 2016
License: Shareware, $29.90
Expires: Expires after 30 Days

File size: 24,594 K
Platforms: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000; Other OS
Downloads: 35

WashAndGo is your scrubbing brush for the hard disk of your PC. It enables you to clean up your whole system, so giving you back valuable disk space within seconds. - Get a clean, lean and mean System!


WashAndGo page at FreewareSeek

Developer: Abelssoft

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